Fellow Travel Nurses/RNs looking for new travel assignment, if you are looking for a company and a recruiter that is honest, respectful, attentive to your needs, appreciates you for your hard work, gives you a good pay package, and actually works for YOU, look no further than Fortus Heathcare Resources.

My recruiter Becky Urtz is the awesomest recruiter I have ever worked with (and let me tell ya, I have worked with a lot). Love love love how she is so on top of everything and how I never ever have to ask/fight for anything.

If you or someone you know is looking for travel assignment, you should contact her. I promise you will not be disappointed.

DISCLAIMER: I have no personal interest in promoting the company or the recruiter. We all know how hard it is to find a company/recruiter who actually works for you and goes out of his/her way to find you the best assignment possible. And when you finally find one, you want to acknowledge them for the wonderful work they are doing and let other travel nurses know that there are companies out there that are actually fun working for — at Fortus Travel Healthcare Resources

Pooja, RN

“I had the pleasure and unique opportunity of working with Debbie Lachacz, Senior Account Executive.  During our campaign I found her to be extremely professional, dedicated and most importantly knowledgeable about the client.  Further, she helped prepare me with salient information about the area, organization and professional environment.  I felt that she gave me every opportunity to make the best impression during my multiple face-to-face interviews.  Please know that I would happily and without hesitation recommend Debbie and Fortus to any of my colleagues when they desire to change roles or seek a more enriching position.”

Warmest Regards


The human being nurtures itself from different values, ethics, morals, and spirituality. It’s worth valuing work with doses of professional elegance, just by seeing the results of time, infinite dedication, and a high degree of communicativeness, leading her participant to high levels of personal and professional context from the informative and resource management point of view.  I am speaking of Ms. Debbie Lachacz. Excellent example of firmness and perseverance with the finesse of growing any company and with her example, lead her chosen employees to productively reach the highest level of success. Visionary woman. Taking her efforts, like a bloodstream, and healing the stress which leads that human being to firmer and less narrow roads. In her my trust and devotion.

Thanking you Always,


Hi Debbie,

Thank you again for all you have done in getting me this position. It truly is a blessing that I received that email from you literally 6 hours before I planned on accepting another position. I’ve dealt with a lot of job recruiters in the past and, I’ve got to tell you, this time around it felt a lot more personal. You definitely did a good job landing one of the, if not the best Dietitian on the continent.

Thanks again


Thank you for all the hard work and for recruiting me. I would not have found that position on my own. You and your team are professional and good at what you do. I have dealt with other recruiting companies and they can become pushy and don’t listen, it is off putting. You and your team have a good business approach. Please share this with the rest of your team. Even the director agreed with me that your agency was more professional and efficient.

I will be referring you to other nurses. You may have opportunities for them too; opportunities that they did not know were available.

RN at The Fortus Group

I have been in contact with Rebecca as a travel nurse for 2 years and she never gave up, that one day I would work with her and Fortus. The day finally came, when an assignment I really wanted, was available. Deciding to give Fortus a shot, was the best decision ever. This has been the best experience of my life as a travel nurse ! Fortus has exceeded all of my expectations, I would recommend all Nurses with the desire to travel to look into this company.

November 13, 2013

Praise For Fortus Travel.

“In addition to the common accolades of a winner recruiter, my recruiting at Fortus Travel is unpretentious, ethical, funny, loyal, intuitive and steadfast. Bottom line – she knows what and when to speak, she has a kind demeanor, and my overall perks exceed those of my traveler cohorts. She’s definitely exceptional!”

Elisa Goodrich, Travel RN

“I am a travel nurse with Fortus and can’t be happier with them. My recruiter is always there for me and always solved any problem I had or answered any questions. That was the most important thing when choosing a travel agency, that there was open honest communication. I am taking a permanent position that was also presented through Fortus. I know that if I ever travel again it will be with them. If you’re thinking of traveling, they are the best. “

LeeAnn O’Neal, Travel RN

“Thank you so much for helping me find my dream job! You were organized, professional, honest, and very motivating. I put my trust and faith in you and you came through for me. You are the best and I will never forget this amazing experience.”

Jacqueline Ploski, RN, Clinical Manager

“My Fortus consultant really boosted my confidence to take my career to the next level. She coached me at every step in the interviewing process and helped me accept how qualified I was for the job. She was invaluable in helping me obtain this great opportunity!”

Linda Davis, RN, Clinical Manager