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Fortus Healthcare Resources Appoints Jeremy Enck as New President and CEO

Fortus Healthcare Resources, a national healthcare recruitment agency based in Utica, N.Y., is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Enck as president and CEO, effective immediately.


Enck is currently the vice president of Sales at Fortus Healthcare Resources and has been with the company since 2007. Enck  started out with Fortus as a project coordinator working with key account managers on nationwide health-care searches. By 2009, Enck developed the Travel Placement Division also known as Fortus Group Travel, from near ruin to a competitive force in the industry. In the beginning, Fortus Group Travel had three internal employees, six external contract workers, and supplied contract staff to a handful of companies. Today, under Enck’s direction, Fortus Group Travel does business with more than 100 different companies, has over 100 internal and external employees, and is on track to triple in size this year.


As vice president of Sales since 2010, Enck has been responsible for the hiring and development of the sales staff and the growth of both the permanent and travel nursing divisions.


“I am very proud of my work at Fortus and for creating an environment where everyone is a key employee,” says Enck. “Fortus has unlimited growth potential and I look forward to bringing the company to the next level.”


Fellow Fortus employee Edward MacKenzie worked with Enck as a project coordinator and believes that it is the right time for a transitional change. “Jeremy has been instrumental in getting Fortus Healthcare to where it is today,” says Mackenzie.


Kathy Cano, director of human resources and compliance at Fortus, has worked closely with Enck over the past five years and believes that “with Jeremy’s passion, determination and leadership skills, Fortus will see unprecedented growth going forward.”


As president and CEO, Enck will report to Founder Michael Maurizio and work collaboratively with him leading the continued growth, diversification and transformation of Fortus Healthcare Resources to a company that is focused on the long-term. Specifically, Enck will ensure that the fiscal health, operations, marketing strategy, technology, and programmatic strategies are effectively implemented across the organization.


Maurizio, who has served as president and CEO of the company since 1993, will remain chairman of the board and will work alongside Enck on special projects. “Jeremy, in many ways, has established himself in these positions over the last 18 months,” says Maurizio “The only difference is the title. I have had confidence in Jeremy for years and his business acumen far exceeds his age.”



Jeremy Enck. (2016)




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