If you’re considering expanding your healthcare career to include travel nursing, what do you need to have on your resume? To find a great job, you need a great resume that paints the right picture for employers who may not be able to meet with you in person before you arrive for your assignment. Here are some tips for creating a great travel nursing resume.

Don’t Forget Your Contact Info

There is some general advice for non-nursing staff to leave off addresses on resumes. However, it’s understood that you will be looking for work outside your hometown, so go ahead and leave it in. More importantly, make sure your phone number and email address are correct.

Create an Introduction Paragraph to Include Accomplishments

What used to be called a “summary” or “objective” is now an introduction paragraph that will provide a snapshot of who you are as a nursing professional. Include your accomplishments to show why you would be a good hire for travel nursing positions.

List Your Work History

Your work history is critical as a nurse. Keep the work you list relevant, specifically for nursing or other healthcare roles. List them in reverse chronological order. List your job duties and responsibilities under each job using bullets.

Provide Your Education and Credentials

While education can be unnecessary for people in other fields, that’s not the case in nursing. List your college, including dates and the degree you earned. You should also have a section dedicated to your licenses and other credentials. While these will be verified before starting work, having them all in one place helps make the process easier.

Proofread Before Sending

Before you send your resume, give it a full once-over. Missed typos can mean the difference between getting a job and rejection. It can also help to have another person look it over, as you may miss things that seem right to you.

Additional Resume Writing Tips

Some additional tips can help you write a great resume. Start by looking at other travel nursing resumes to see the format and types of things included. Use industry-related terms so your resume can be discovered by applicant tracking software that searches for keywords. And focus on your flexibility, which is a key requirement for travel nursing.


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