Is a travel nursing career right for you? Why would travel nursing be better than staying where you live now? Some reasons people choose travel nursing jobs include the ability to live in and experience new places. Here are a few positives to consider when considering travel nursing to expand your career.

Good Pay

Travel nurses can be paid significantly more than other nursing staff. It can even be in the six figures depending on several factors. Travel nurses play a crucial role in healthcare, and they’re paid a premium for it. Some facilities will increase the contract if the need is substantial.

Living Stipend

You will also have a stipend for your living expenses, which is like another raise. Different states will allow for different stipend amounts. And your stipend is tax-free. It usually pays for things like your housing and your travel to and from the location.


Free travel isn’t the only perk. Being a travel nurse means you can change your location as often as you like. You can see the entire United States on someone else’s dime. And even though you will be working, you’ll have free time to explore your location while you’re there.

Gain New Experiences

Throughout your time as a travel nurse, you will also gain new experiences. These will be related to where you’re living, the things you can do in the area, and your career. You will learn new things on the job that you can take to your next opportunity.

Remain Flexible

While you might not have the paid time off that people in other roles have, you will have increased flexibility. You can choose when and where you will go on your next assignment. And the additional pay for travel positions can compensate for the lack of PTO.

Job Security

Travel nurses will always be in demand. If you decide this is the life you want to live, you will always have access to new jobs in new places. Work with a travel nurse staffing agency to help you find your next job opportunity.


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