Travel nursing is a rewarding career but doesn’t come without its challenges. One particular obstacle for travel nurses is navigating charting systems across different facilities. What are you supposed to do when you get used to one system and have to learn another? Well, a few tips can help you across the board. Here is what you should know about charting while on your travel nurse assignment.

Filter Jobs by Systems

The first step is to take control of your job search. You can find out what charting system different hospitals or clinics use and focus on the ones you’re most comfortable with. Also, knowing what’s most common will help you increase your skills in a particular area to expand your ability to take different jobs.

Be Adaptable to Technology

It’s also helpful to be adaptable. Often it’s not about learning just one procedure to get you from A to Z but learning the processes that can help you adapt in between. While charting software might be different between locations, the principles of technology apply to all of them. Being willing to adapt will help you find more opportunities.

Make Use of Training

Most assignments will offer you training on their software when you start. For most travel nursing assignments, you will get about one to two days in a course about using their technology. Then, you’ll shadow a nurse on the floor, where you can show what you’ve learned. Don’t be afraid to be thorough in this training process to make the most of learning it fast.

Know How to Roll with the Punches

The biggest thing to know about being a travel nurse is that you must roll with the punches. You never know what can happen from day to day, and that includes working with their charting system. Learn how to adapt quickly, make necessary changes, and ask questions to help you through the process. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert.


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