While no one ever wants an emergency, it can happen anytime, anywhere. This is especially true in a medical environment. Are non-clinical staff members at your front desk or back office equipped to respond to an emergency? All non-clinical staff members should receive training in case of emergency before first responders can take over. Here are some things you should know.

Provide First Aid Training

All your staff, whether in an administrative or clinical position, should have basic first-aid training. Before responders can arrive, the first person on the scene must react with the appropriate measures. First aid training can be done in your municipality at local colleges or organizations, or you can bring in someone to provide the training on-site.

Create an Emergency Process

When an emergency happens, it can be natural for the brain to panic. But in these situations, people need to be aware of the process and can follow it fast. Creating an emergency plan helps take the guesswork out of what’s happening. If something needs immediate attention, your employees can go through the checklist and take care of what needs to happen next.

Have a Safety Plan in Place

A safety plan is different from your emergency process. Along with first aid training, your team should know what to do in the case of any emergency. What happens if there is a fire in the building? What about finding hazards that can cause an accident or injury? The safety plan should be a part of their preparedness training.

Build Employee Confidence

In the end, for safety, your employees should feel empowered to act when necessary. By building their confidence and instilling trust in your non-clinical employees, you’re giving them the tools they need to work fast in a dangerous situation. Knowing when and how to react will be critical in ensuring that emergencies are handled correctly.


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