Appreciation can go a long way. Recognizing the travel nurses that work with your staff during this busy time of year is an excellent way to display gratitude. Gift-giving is a traditional part of holiday celebrations, and one that sends a positive message to your staff. As you begin your plans for the holiday season, consider these simple and affordable ways to show your appreciation for the travel nurses in your facility.

Local Gift Cards

Your travel nurses may not be familiar with your area, especially if they recently started their assignment. Offering local gift cards to favorite spots around town can be a great holiday and welcome package all in one. Put together a collection of cards for a coffee shop, grocery store, and favorite restaurant.

Self-Care Items

Self-care is more than just bubble baths and weekends in the woods. Self-care is vital for your healthcare employees due to the high-stress nature of the job. A self-care gift can show that you are invested in your team’s mental well-being. Simple ideas can be gratitude journals or mindful medication cards.

Personalized Tumbler

Hydration is vital on the job, so why not encourage your nursing staff to take their water breaks with a personalized tumbler? Make it unique for each employee and avoid something with the company brand. If you don’t know them well, consider a design representing their hometown.

Holiday Bonus

Of course, the one thing employees say they want more than anything is cash. Providing a bonus is the best way to show your team that you appreciate them. Be mindful of the tax implications. Many employees become frustrated when their bonus is taxed, but you can adjust for this amount.

We want to hear from you: what gifts do you give your travel nursing team?

Do You Need to Hire Travel Nurses for the Holidays?

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