Interviewing is the best way to determine if someone will be a good match for your facility. Intensive Care Unit nurses work in a high-pressure environment, so you may have concerns about effectively evaluating their skills in just an interview. But some intelligent questions can help you get to the root of their experience. Here is a sample set of questions for your next ICU RN candidate.

What Inspired You to Get into Nursing?

Knowing that you have shared values with your team members is always important. If their reasons are not aligned with your organization’s mission, they may not be a good fit. This is also an excellent way to get to know their motivations.

How Would You Describe Your Communication Style?

Communication is critical in a healthcare environment where patients’ lives depend on it. You want to know that they have a clear and concise communication style that matches the tone of how you already communicate in your department.

Tell me About a Time You Were Under Pressure at Work. How Did You Handle It?

Behavioral questions are designed for you to get an idea of how someone comports themselves in the course of work. Healthcare is a high-stress industry, so you want to hear how they talk about working under this level of pressure.

How Much Experience Do You Have In ICU Specialties?

As an ICU nurse, your candidate needs specific experience to qualify, but they can bring more to the table. There are multiple specializations within the ICU, such as cardiac, surgical, pediatric, shock and trauma, and more. You may be able to fill a skills gap in your workplace with their experience.

How Do You Approach Educating and Informing the Patient’s Family?

Not only do your medical professionals need to communicate with one another, but they also need to educate and inform family members. Their manner with families will be essential to making the experience less stressful than it already is.

Have You Cared for a Difficult Patient, and How Did You Handle It?

Sometimes the patients themselves can be challenging. When you’re in a situation that causes stress, it’s easy to lash out. Your new ICU nurse will need to demonstrate that they can act gracefully to still provide the difficult patient with the best care possible.


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