Choosing one specialization in healthcare doesn’t mean you’re stuck in that role forever. Even with a background as a respiratory therapist, there are many avenues you can take in your career. What are some alternatives that can give you a chance to transition your expertise? Here are some of the alternative career choices for someone with a background as a respiratory therapist.

Rapid Response Team

As a trained respiratory therapist, you have the qualifications needed to be a part of the rapid response team for ICU and emergencies in medical settings. Acute trauma sometimes creates or exacerbates respiratory distress, which will need to be remedied as quickly as possible to determine the root causes of the emergency.

Registered Pulmonary Function Tech

A pulmonary function technologist sets up and runs respiratory tests on patients to assess for lung diseases or disorders. Duties include coaching patients through various diagnostic tests and collaborating with other medical staff to determine possible lung diseases.

Pediatric Respiratory Care Specialist

There is a market for respiratory therapists in pediatric environments. The job focuses on diagnosing, monitoring, and treating breathing problems in young patients to help them live as normally as possible while managing their condition. A pediatric respiratory care specialist will focus on heart and lung problems and other illnesses that can cause breathing difficulty.

Critical Care Specialist

There are advanced certifications for respiratory specialists to become critical care specialists for adults and children. Working within the ICU, you would assist doctors and the other medical team in ensuring that patients are comfortable and breathing issues are addressed.

Finding Your Next Respiratory Therapist Job

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