RN Case managers are patient advocates. They collaborate with all healthcare providers to ensure that each patient receives dedicated and personalized care designed for their specific needs. Many will have a background in social work as well as nursing, and it’s important to know how to look for qualifications. So how do you find someone who is a good match for your next case manager hire? Here are a few qualities to look for and how to hire top RN case management talent.

Qualities of a Case Managers

A case manager is, essentially, the advocate for the patient. So candidates must bring certain qualities to the table to facilitate the process. Critical qualities include:

  • Communication skills
  • Empathy
  • Plan management
  • Time management
  • Technology literacy

Many of these will be apparent through interviewing and references as you work through the hiring process.

Credentials of a Case Manager

Case managers will have specific educational backgrounds as well. Most will have a bachelor’s degree, such as an RN or social work program. Many others continue to pursue a master’s degree. There are a variety of certifications to look for, including the licensed baccalaureate social worker, licensed master social worker, or licensed clinical social worker.

Skills of a Case Manager

A successful case manager needs several skills, including leadership and problem-solving. You will also want to look for someone who has some practical experience in clinical environments, such as nursing. You may also have specific requirements based on the specialization for the position.

How to Hire a Case Manager

Creating a good job description to attract top talent to your open jobs is one step. You don’t have to do it alone. You can work with a staffing partner specializing in placing long- and short-term case managers in clinical environments like yours.

Are you looking for top talent for your case manager positions? Contact the team at Fortus Healthcare Resources today.

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