Stress is at an all-time high, especially for healthcare workers. It’s up to management to find ways to improve the wellbeing and productivity of practitioners in their facilities. You can make a difference in how your employees feel about their jobs. Here are some ways to boost your team’s mood to increase engagement and productivity.

Determine Individual Ergonomic Needs

Comfort and ergonomics aren’t one-size-fits-all. Each of your employees will have their own physical needs for their workspace. While one may prefer a sanding desk, another may need a comfortable and ergonomically designed office chair. Make a difference in your workplace by providing a variety of stations that will work for everyone.

Enforce Breaks, Personal Time Off, and Vacations

Healthcare workers are notoriously bad at taking time for themselves. Yes, the workplace is stressful, and it’s often an all-hands-on-deck mentality, but taking time off is critical for our wellbeing. Encourage your team to take breaks during the day, including meals. Make it easy to take PTO and ensure you have a resource for coverage when necessary. And never make your employees feel bad about taking their vacation time.

Handle Tech Problems Immediately

One of the biggest frustrations for clinical healthcare workers is when the tools they use to do the job don’t work. Often, they’re left to troubleshoot the technology on their own, but that requirement should be taken off their plate. They weren’t hired to do technical repair and shouldn’t have to. Having a technical expert on staff can help make sure equipment is up and running daily and troubleshoot problems as they happen.

Regularly Check In on Employee Wellbeing

Check in regularly to ensure your team is productive and not burned out on the job. While you can and should spot the signs of stress and anxiety, it’s also good to check in directly with your team once in a while. Ask them about their stress levels, things you can do to improve their experience, and ways to provide a better work/life balance. Getting employee input will help you drive your policies.

Provide Access to Mental Health Resources

The stigma of mental health has dramatically impacted how we seek out treatment. It’s difficult to jump through the hoops of medical insurance, and when people finally do, it can be challenging to get past the feelings of failure and shame. Things are changing, and we’re starting to see mental wellness as just as important as physical health, but resources can still be hard to find. You can expand your workplace healthcare to provide more equitable access to resources.


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