Have you thought about a career as an occupational health nurse? If so, you may be wondering what a day in the life looks like for this potential career path. What does an occupational health nurse do? Where do they work? What kind of duties can you expect every day? As you plan for your future career, here are some considerations about the profession and how to find your next job.

What is an Occupational Health Nurse?

Occupational health is a branch of nursing that supports the network of employees and support staff, including insurance companies and communities. They may be in charge of pre-employment assessments, drug screens, case management, and medical surveillance within the facility or community.

Where Do Occupational Health Nurses Typically Work?

Occupational health nurses can work in many diverse environments. They can be at hospitals and medical centers and other employment sectors such as manufacturing or production facilities. They may also work within the government. This role is essentially a health oversight position providing occupational advice and care.

A Day in the Life

Every day is different in the life of an occupational health nurse. While you may schedule your day, things can change quickly based on new priorities. However, occupational health nurses will perform pre-employment and post-offer assessments, identify hazards and risks in the workplace, perform medical surveillance that could affect employees, and advise on occupational health, ergonomics, and safety. They also strive for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. They may also perform first aid in the case of an emergency.

Finding Your Next Occupational Health Nurse Position

Is occupational nursing the right career move for you? To qualify, you’ll need to have a background as a registered nurse, though there aren’t specific educational requirements. Employers want to see strong administrative skills and work in a clinical environment. To find a great occupational health nurse position, start by applying with a specialized recruiter who can network in the industry to help you find a great opportunity.


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