Intensive Care Units have always been a critical part of hospital infrastructure. Long before the pandemic crowded hospitals with critical care patients, the ICU was already a fast-paced area. Becoming an ICU nurse takes a lot of skill and personal commitment. Have you thought about a career in the ICU? What are the primary responsibilities, and how does someone become a critical care nurse? Here is what a day in the life of an ICU nurse might look like.

Daily Duties

A day in the life of an ICU nurse will always be variable. You’ll be responsible for observing patients, keeping track of procedures and mediation, assisting doctors in assessments and treatments, and monitoring vital signs. You’ll also need to work with feeding tubes, ventilators, catheters, and life support equipment. In many cases, you’ll feed and bathe patients. You’ll replace dressings and provide medication. You’ll also work closely with other nurses and ICU staff and provide care, compassion, and comfort for all ICU patients in your care. You’ll also be communicating with family, answering questions, and providing instructions for patient care after discharge.

Background and Skills

ICU nurses are registered nurses. You’ll need the formal education and certification required in your state. Entry-level requirements for ICU include experience as a nurse or an internship. Some places also require ICU nurses to obtain critical care nurse certifications. The skills necessary to be an ICU nurse, along with nursing experience, include the ability to work well in a high-stress situation. You’ll need to be efficient and maintain composure in extreme conditions.

Next Steps for Becoming an ICU Nurse

Do you think working in an ICU is right for you? If you have the requirements necessary to work well in a critical care environment, now is the time to start looking for a new opportunity. Contact a specialized recruiter who will go through the process with you to find a great position in an ICU where you can put your skills to the test. Every day in your new career as an ICU nurse will be different from the one before, but you will know how essential you are for the care and comfort of every patient.


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