COVID-19 threw the medical industry into a tailspin. With an increased demand for healthcare staff, it’s not surprising that many facilities began to find it challenging to attract and hire top talent. But the situation is a lot more nuanced, and there are plenty of things facility managers can do to make their job openings more attractive to travel medical professionals. Here are a few tips to get started.

Be Communicative with Your Recruitment Partner

You and your recruiter are a team. To ensure that your fill rate is met, it’s essential to maintain strong communication with your recruiter. When they submit talent for travel positions, you’ll need to respond quickly, or you may miss out on great candidates who will pivot to other more responsive opportunities. The more you work with your recruiter, the faster open positions can be filled, and you’ll feel confident that your needs are met.

Be Detailed When Sharing Job Information

It’s also vital for you to be as detailed as possible when sharing job information. Today’s candidates want to know as much as possible before starting a new opportunity. This is especially true for anyone participating in travel healthcare jobs as they’ll be moving and settling in a new area to take on these responsibilities. You don’t want to have them presented with any surprises after they arrive.

Improve Your Company Culture

Corporations have been talking about company culture for years, and it’s possible that healthcare employers haven’t thought it applies to their environments. But company culture is essential in improving employee satisfaction and your fill rates. Many things impact company culture, including methods of communication, access to continued learning, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Treat Travel Employees Like Your Full-Time Staff

Many healthcare employers forget to treat their travel team like their full-time staff. Sometimes, travel nurses are looked at as temporary team members and not given the same information, decision-making power, or praise as company employees. But treating a segment of your team differently can affect how everyone works together.


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