Cats make the world a better place. When you come home after a long day of work, and your cat greets you with purrs and head-bumps, it can make all the stress melt away. You may think you can’t have a cat and be a travel nurse simultaneously, but cats can be just fine traveling with you. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the timeline of traveling with your cat.

Get Them Used to the Carrier

The first step for a successful move with your cats is to get them used to the carrier. Leave it out in the house with the door open so they can go in and out as they please. Do this for as long as possible before your actual move. Make it a comfortable space, too, by putting a blanket your cat uses inside.

Prepare for Travel

Next, map out your trip. Plan your route so you’re not in the car for more than about eight or ten hours. Make reservations at pet-friendly hotels along the way. Here’s a tip: La Quinta always allows pets if you’re unsure what nearby hotels are pet-friendly.

Don’t Make Unnecessary Stops

Many cats get nervous in the car, so avoid a lot of stops along the way. You can stop for gas, of course, or eat food in the car but don’t take the scenic route. Also, be sure that you never open the carrier door when the car door is open. If you let your cat out of their crate to use the litterbox, ensure the doors are closed to avoid an escape.

Know Your Cat

One of the essential parts of traveling with cats is to know your cats. If they howl in the car on a short trip to the vet, know that they may not handle a multi-hour or day drive to a new location. Other cats love the vehicle and their carrier and are great travelers. Manage your expectations by knowing how your cat will handle the process and preparing for it.

Talk to Your Vet

It’s also a good idea to talk to your vet before a long trip. For nervous cats, they can prescribe medication that can keep them calm and sleepy on the trip. This will help your cat not have a tiny panic attack in the car. You can also get other tips from your vet, including potential recommendations for a vet in your new city.


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