Dialysis is an essential part of the lives of many people with diabetes and kidney failure. So hiring the best dialysis nurses will be critical to ensure that your patients receive the best care available. Every patient who comes in for their dialysis needs to feel comfortable, heard, and cared for, and that only happens when you bring in the top talent. How do you find and hire the best dialysis nurses? Here are a few things to look for in your candidate search.

Evaluate Your Pay Scale

Dialysis is a competitive market, so it’s helpful to reevaluate what you’re paying and if it’s appropriate for your market. Review your pay scale and ensure that you can access top talent without the fear of them moving to other opportunities for slightly better pay.

Look for Experience

While it is possible to hire for potential in many areas, dialysis is such a specialized field that it’s essential to look for experience. When posting ads online, emphasize that a year or more of dialysis experience is necessary to bring in candidates who have previously worked in dialysis roles.

Provide Benefits

Along with salary, the additional benefits you provide will go a long way for tapping into top talent. There are a variety of benefits that can attract and retain top nursing talent, including 401K(k) plans, auto allowances, supplemental insurance such as life or long-term disability, and housing stipends.

Work with Travel Nurse Staff

One resource that can help you find top talent for your dialysis positions is to tap into travel nursing. Qualified nurses all over the country work travel positions for various reasons, including flexibility, pay, and the interest in exploring new places.

Partner with a Staffing Agency

Hiring is a complex process, so why not partner with experts who can help you through it. That way, you can concentrate on the other essential areas of your clinic’s operations. A staffing agency can source, screen, credential, and onboard nurses all across the country.


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