Are you looking to update your resume to find your next job as a travel nurse? Maybe you’re thinking of transitioning to a travel position. Travel nursing is a lucrative and exciting job that offers flexibility, higher pay, and opportunities to see places around the country and even the world. But There are some things you need to provide to travel nurse recruiters to be offered these opportunities. Here are a few tips to help you build a winning travel nurse resume and find your next opportunity anywhere across the country.

Make a Skills Checklist

While you need to provide accomplishments and experience on your resume, including a skills checklist is very helpful. Recruiters placing travel nurses will often have to cross-reference between the job requirements and a resume to ensure they send the most qualified nurse for the assignment. By providing an easy to read checklist, you make their jobs more manageable, and you’ll get more calls.

Check Your Employment Dates

The credentialing process for placing travel nurses requires that information is entered thoroughly and accurately. Ensure that you include your full dates of employment, including the month and the year, not just the year. This will save time as the recruiter won’t have to reach out to you to clarify before starting the process.

Include Facility Details

The more information you can include about the facilities where you’ve worked, the better. For example, include how many beds or nurse-to-patient ratios. Other designations include teaching hospitals or trauma levels. If you need help determining these details, the American Hospital Dictionary provides the industry-standard language.

Highlight Leadership Responsibilities

When placing travel nurses, employers want to see what kind of leadership roles you’ve held. Why? Because they want to hire someone who can come in and get straight to work on the assignment and the best correlating experience is leadership. It can also help you stand out from your competition. You don’t need management roles on your resume, but showcase how you’ve been a leader in past jobs.


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