Empathy is getting its day in the sun. More companies are focused on hiring empathetic workers and cultivating empathy in healthcare environments. Empathy means putting yourself in someone else’s place to understand situations from their perspective. Though some people are becoming concerned that social media eliminates empathy from discourse, it is still alive and well. Let’s take a closer look at how empathy matters for your healthcare workers.

Enhances Communication

If communication is the backbone, empathy is the nervous system. It helps you understand perspectives outside of your own experience. Cultivating empathy allows you to focus on active listening so you can better understand what others have said. You can even repeat back what you heard to ensure you’ve understood. Think about your response before reacting to ensure that you approach it in the best way possible.

Improves Relationships

Your healthcare team works with a wide range of people from various walks of life and skill levels. Nurses need to work well with doctors, technicians, assistants, managers, and even patients. Encouraging empathy will help your team learn the best ways to relate to each other and reduce tension in the department.

Changes Mindsets

Since empathy helps you see the world from a different perspective, you can see how and why other people react the way they do. Your employees don’t need to alter their own beliefs, but they can use that insight to help them see why others have different mindsets. And you never know when new information can help someone see the situation in a new way.

Better Patient Care

Healthcare, at its core, is about patient care. Patients, and their families, can be under a lot of stress, and communicating with empathy can make all the difference. When someone is upset or in pain, try to help them understand by seeing how they must feel. When you have empathy for the people in your care, you instantly become a better provider.

Hire Top Healthcare Talent

Empathy can help you out as an employer, too. Use your skills during an interview to find out more about potential candidates. Instead of focusing just on the job details, find out what motivates them and what kind of employer they want to work for. You can see how they can fit into your organization and what special qualities they bring to the table.

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