Healthcare workers have had a challenging year. We know that keeping employees safe and healthy has been a top priority, but gratitude should also be near the top of the list. How do you make employees feel valued when working in your healthcare organization? What do employees want from their workplace that increases satisfaction? What doesn’t cost money but can make a difference every day? Here are a few small things you can do to make a big impact on your employees’ satisfaction at their healthcare job.

Touch Base Early and Often

Checking in with your team is the first step in making them feel valued. Check-in regularly and see what they’re doing, if they need any help or assistance, or if they have any questions or concerns. Don’t use this as an excuse to micromanage, however. You want them to feel confident in their choices but be ready to support them when necessary.

Give Balanced Feedback

Any time you provide feedback on performance, be sure to balance it. Some managers only provide feedback when it’s negative or a correction needs to be made. But providing positive feedback with help reinforce what they’re doing right and encourage them to make the modifications necessary to improve performance.

Offer Schedule Flexibility

While not every role in your department can have flexible hours, offer increased flexibility to your staff whenever you can. Many employees feel anxious about taking time off or handling appointments or emergencies in their personal lives. However you can provide flexibility, it will go a long way to help your employees feel valued.

Address Growth Opportunities

Your team wants to grow in their profession. If they can’t do that with you, they will seek that with another employer. Address continued learning and provide potential opportunities for employees who want to advance their careers. You can do this through seminars and training as well as promotions to other positions.


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