There is a growing physician shortage in the United States. How will this impact your facility, and what can you do about it in the future? Here are a few insights into the shortage, the effect, and how you can improve your hiring and retention for practitioners in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at the physician shortage and the factors that impact it.

Short Term Effects of the Pandemic

It’s not a surprise that the pandemic is causing a short-term shortage of healthcare workers across the industry. There are higher levels of burnout and infection rates that may temporarily take physicians out of the game. Though, it’s expected that as rates decrease through vaccinations and preventative measures and hospitals reach a better state of equilibrium, this will change again.

Long Term Effects of Shifting Demographics

However, a more significant driver of the physician shortage is a change in the population across the entire United States. The population is growing, but the most considerable growth is among older adults. The over 65 population is expected to increase by 45.1%. As we live longer, the need for healthcare changes and increases.

Demand is Outpacing Supply

For this reason, the demand for healthcare professionals is outpacing the supply. This includes more older physicians retire with fewer younger doctors taking over these roles. There are ways to mitigate this, including telehealth services and working with more physician assistants or nurse practitioners to handle many of the most routine visits.

The High Cost of Healthcare

Physician shortages were happening before the pandemic, but the crisis shed light on the subject. It also spotlighted another primary concern in the U.S. healthcare system: the high cost of healthcare. While Congress has made some effort to assist, prohibitive costs of insurance lead many people to avoid healthcare altogether, creating more significant long-term problems in the future.

Solutions to Improve Hiring and Retention

As a healthcare employer, what can you do to improve the hiring and retention of physicians and support staff? One way to help increase the reach of your facility is by partnering with a staffing agency specializing in the placement of healthcare employees. We work with you to determine your needs, find and vet professionals, and place them onsite with you.

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