What is your employer brand? To know that, you first have to understand the concept of employer branding. This is how potential applicants perceive your company as they connect and communicate with your organization throughout the job application process. To hire top candidates, not only do you need to have a reasonable application process, but you also need to create a positive and thriving environment. Having a great employer brand strategy is the best way to ensure that you’re attracting top talent for your open positions. Here are just a few tips for creating an employer branding strategy to help your hiring process this year.

Employee Value Propositions

EVP or Employee Value Propositions are the promises you make as an employer to your team for the work they do. Over the last year, changes in the workplace meant employers needed to shift the kinds of EVPs they were offering to employees. Experts believe the most significant shift in EVP will be a more personalized approach to provide each employee incentives that work for them rather than a company-wide incentive.

Social Justice and Sustainability

The youngest generation currently entering the workforce will create a strong wave of impact as well. They’re looking for companies committed to the community, including social justice and environmental sustainability. Becoming involved will attract new employees with shared values to your organization.

Telling Your Story

One essential brand strategy companies should embrace is storytelling. Storytelling is the way we communicate as people, so you should share your company values, mission, and culture through the stories you tell. You can utilize your website, blog, social media, and other avenues to tell your story and encourage sharing.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A recent survey from Jobvite indicated that 42% of potential candidates would refuse a position if the company doesn’t have a clear plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Demonstrating your commitment to making your workplace a more diverse and inclusive place will go a long way to attracting younger employees.

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