Do you monitor your team’s social media in the workplace? For healthcare workers, there are more considerations than just employee privacy. The improper use of social media on the job can lead to significant issues with patient privacy and HIPAA violations. You’ll also need to keep the reputation of your facility in mind when monitoring social platforms. Here are some of the most common questions about the use of social media to keep your healthcare employees, business, and patients safe.

What Should We Monitor?

Especially in Healthcare, it’s essential to monitor any time your facility, hospital, or clinic is mentioned. This can help you protect patient privacy and your company’s reputation and potential liability. You can also track for threats, red flags, and other indicators that someone may be struggling on the job. There is technology you can install to help automate this process.

How Do We Communicate the Social Media Policy?

If you’re going to monitor social media, you need to communicate your policy clearly. Be very specific about how employees should refer to your organization on social media, protect patient privacy and proprietary information, and whether they can access social media while on the clock.

How Do I Address a Potential Problem?

If your system alerts you to a potential problem with an employee’s social media, you need to review it to determine if you need to take action. Make sure the flagged information does violate your stated policies before following up. You should also have resources to help you deliver the message and support the employee after the fact.

Sample Policy Ideas

Some major healthcare systems have great policies you can look at for inspiration. Check them out here:

By taking some of the ideas from major healthcare networks, you can create a policy that fits your corporate culture and environment. Be sure to keep it consistent and fair to avoid unconscious bias and keep both employees and patients safe.

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