Our series “Meet Your Recruiter” gives our employees and applicants insight into the behind-the-scenes world at Fortus Healthcare Resources. We hope these intros provide perspective on the work and lives of the recruiters who make these jobs happen.


Stacey Benware has worked at Fortus Healthcare for two and a half years so far. She grew up in Glenfield, New York, which is only an hour away from the Canada border. Stacey does DIY renovations around the house or goes on adventures with her dogs when not at work.


Let’s get to know Stacey and her role at Fortus Healthcare.


What Helps a Nurse Stand Out?

It’s always great to connect with nurses who express so much joy and compassion in being able to help their patients each day. Also, communicating from the start what you want most out of each assignment and keeping an open mind to all the available options with travel nursing.


What Does a Day in Your Life at Fortus Look Like?

My mornings always start with coffee. After that, I spend most of my day connecting with current travelers already on assignment. Then I connect with as many new nurses as possible to see what their next adventure holds and how I can help them get there.


What’s Your Best Tip for a Nurse Once They Go on Assignment?

Make sure to communicate always. Communicate with your recruiter, your managers, other travelers, etc. Going to brand new places and new facilities, you will always need people you can rely on and talk to about anything that is going on.


What Traits Do the Best Nurses You’ve Worked with Share?

It is important to keep an open mind, be flexible and reliable, and (of course) be a great communicator.


If You Were a Travel Nurse, What City Would You Want to Work In?

If I were a travel nurse, I think my first choice would be anywhere in Hawaii. It’s an easy choice and obvious to anyone that knows me. But I really would be open to going anywhere. There are so many beautiful places to see and so many vacation opportunities and explore new cities while you are working.


Are you ready to work with Stacey and our team of healthcare recruiters?


Our recruiters are hiring for healthcare nursing jobs near you and across the county, so join the team at Fortus Healthcare Resources for your next travel nursing assignment.

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