It is not easy to get enough exercise when you have a busy schedule. But you may be excited to learn that a lot of the things you do on your nursing job do count as exercise. Consider the activities you do day-to-day that keep you physically fit, a few that don’t, and how to get more out of your daily routine to burn calories and stay healthy.

Elder and Adult Care

Adult care that involves the assistance of daily living activities can help you burn calories. You can burn around 285 calories an hour by assisting adults with activities such as getting dressed or eating. Pushing a wheelchair can burn around the same number of calories per hour.

Standing vs. Sitting

Sitting is the enemy of healthy living. Surprisingly, our bodies were not designed for long-term sitting. Standing engages your leg and core muscles, which will make it easier to maintain a healthy routine. An interesting statistic shows that nurses who sit burn around 700 calories per day, but nurses who stand burn twice as many.


Strap on that pedometer and check out how much you walk each day. Walking is excellent for the body, but pay special attention to get the right kind and amount of steps each day. To count as a cardio workout, you want to walk at a moderate exertion level for at least ten minutes at a time. Or, to up the benefits, walk vigorously and raise your heart rate for ten minutes.

Patient Lifts

Lifting patients may make you feel like you’re weight training, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, lifting waits in the gym can make you more prepared to handle patient lifts. Always follow safety protocol when it comes to lifting and moving patients to make sure you don’t inadvertently injure yourself.

Of course, as physically demanding as your job is, nothing replaces a fitness routine. Regular exercise will make your job as a nurse easier.

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