Our series “Meet Your Recruiter” gives our employees and applicants insight into the behind-the-scenes world at Fortus Healthcare Resources. We hope these intros provide perspective on the work and lives of the recruiters who make these jobs happen.

Mark Simon has been with Fortus healthcare for one year. He graduated from SUNY Institute of Technology with a focus on communication and design. Hackettstown, New Jersey, is his home town and when he’s not working, he loves photography, golf, and spending time with friends and family. Mark also loves being involved with the community and philanthropic endeavors. And, like many of us, tackles home improvement projects from time to time. You may also learn that he is a massive fan of The office and UFC.

Let’s get to know Mark and his role at Fortus Healthcare a little more.

What Interested You to Become a Travel Nurses Recruiter?

Not only is my mom a long-time L&D traveler, but my wife also works for Fortus. I have been able to get to know the business from the outside, and once the pandemic started, I was passionate about supporting our frontline healthcare heroes. Being able to make a difference in the career and life of a healthcare provider is extremely rewarding. Being able to help people who help people is a big deal.

Tell Me More About How You Help A Nurse Going on Assignment?

I believe that I am your agent, your cheerleader, and your support system. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time traveler, it can be daunting to go out to a new location and start a brand-new job. I hope to be a “lighthouse in the storm” for my travelers.

What’s Your Best Tip for New Travel Nurses?

Enjoy it, be flexible, and take in the adventure. Yes, you are on a work assignment, but there are 132 hours in a week that you aren’t working. Use those hours to truly enjoy your location; learn the local culture, indulge in the foods, take that road trip. Not many people are able to do what you do, so make it worth it for yourself!

What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Job?

Connecting with new people every single day. We work in an office but get to be part of someone’s life and make a difference. I’ve heard some really great stories from people I would normally never meet, and it is really interesting to see the different cross-sections of folks I get to talk to.

In Your Opinion, What Makes a Great Travel Nurse?

Someone who is focused, driven, flexible, and has a sense of humor. Things can get tough in the healthcare field, and having a sense of humor can make those times a bit easier to cope with. But overall, being focused on providing top-level care is ultra-important.

Are You Ready to Work With Mark and Our Team of Healthcare Recruiters?

Our recruiters are hiring for healthcare nursing jobs near you and across the county, so join the team at Fortus Healthcare Resources for your next travel nursing assignment.

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