The pandemic has been a hard time for medical professionals. As you’re assessing the year we’ve had, consider the silver lining in this challenging situation. If you used contract staff to support your workforce during the pandemic, you might have seen some positive results. Here are a few ways you can look on the bright side to find the positive impact from your COVID-19 hiring strategy and make a plan to consider this kind of supportive growth for the future of your facility.

Patient Care

In any facility, regardless of the specialization or whether your patients are affected by COVID-19, patient care is the single most crucial aspect. And during the last year, we learned that we didn’t have to sacrifice patient care for your budget. Hospitals and other facilities utilized temporary or traveling nurses to augment staff to ensure everyone received top-notch care.

Outside Insight

There are so many advantages to bringing in travel nurses, but one of the most important is a new perspective. Your facility benefited from gaining the objective point of view from an outsider. They can help your current team understand ways to improve policies or how to perform specific tasks in a more efficient way moving forward.

Proven Success

Your travel nurses also come into the job armed with knowledge and experience, which may not be the case if you hire directly. Travel nurses are placed on assignment by recruiters who have worked with them in the past, understand their work style, and can speak to their performance. They’re seasoned nurses who bring success to the table.

Expanded Network

A travel nurse may not want to stay on a full-time basis, but they are part of your extended network. They can refer other trusted professionals to you and maintain communication, and possibly return in the future. They are also part of an extensive network through their recruiting partner, who can always work with you to provide top-quality professionals when you need them.

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