Is this your situation? Have you found yourself torn between a career in travel nursing and the desire to continue your education to earn your BSN? If you think it needs to be one or the other, you may want to think again. Especially in today’s world where so much is connected through technology, you have the flexibility to do both at the same time. Here are some tips to help you have it all.


Chose the Right Online Program

The first step to earning your BSN is to choose the right online program. Many schools have the option for distance learning, so check into several programs before applying and choosing the right one for you. Look for things such as specializations, online learning tools, and the structure of their practicum.


Use Your Free Time Wisely

Online nursing programs will often rely on papers rather than exams, so the free time you have as a travel nurse is perfect for developing these skills. The first few weeks at a new location, when you’re not familiar with the area, you can use this time to work on these assignments. You can even work ahead on the syllabus so that you’re not stressed when things get busy on the job.


Structure Your Schedule

While on a travel nurse assignment, you may not have control over your work schedule. This is why having control over your school schedule will be critical. In many cases, online programs will offer a way to present the work during a window of time so you can structure your learning schedule around your work schedule. And you can utilize your days off regardless of what hours you regularly work.


Schedule Your Practicum Between Assignments

The practicum is an essential part of many BSN programs. These hours are usually done at the end of courses and there are a variety of ways to achieve these hours. But depending on your focus, it may be harder to do some of these while traveling. You can plan to make use of your time between assignments to get these hours in at home.


Is Travel Nursing The Right Move for Your Career?

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