Have you dreamed about working as a travel nurse? With skills in-demand across the country, nursing candidates willing to tap into their sense of adventure can be a huge asset to companies like Fortus Healthcare Resources. So if you think travel nursing is right for you, it’s helpful to understand how to get the process started. Here are the steps you need to take to start working as a travel nurse with Fortus.

Take a Personal Inventory

Before you consider a travel nursing position, it’s time to take your personal inventory. This includes what you want to accomplish by traveling. Do you have a specific place in the country you want to go to? Is there a specific specialization you want to focus on? What about your family? Do you have the flexibility to travel for extended periods? Are you willing to downsize your life to make travel nursing an easier transition with each job change?

Consider Your Skills

Next, consider the skills that you bring to the table. Nursing is a highly competitive job, which is why travel nurse positions are so attractive to a lot of professionals. What do you have that someone else doesn’t? What makes you qualified for opportunities that may be in demand all across the country? How can you leverage your current experience to learn and grow more in the future?

Review the Benefits

Travel nursing as a lifestyle has a lot to offer. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Higher salaries
  • Travel per diem
  • Housing

Many travel nurses will also have the resources of their staffing agency in the town where they’re assigned. They can provide suggestions for getting to know the town and make the best of their experience along the way.

Talk to a Recruiter

If you think that travel nursing is the right next step for your career, contact a recruiter to learn more today. Your recruiter will become your biggest resource with access to jobs that match your skills, information about the travel process, and support while you’re on the job.

Are You Ready for Your Next Travel Nursing job?

Our recruiters are hiring for cross-country RN travel jobs today, so join the team at Fortus Healthcare Resources to see what we’re working on now.


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