March is National Kidney Month. Kidney health is as important as heart or lung health, but kidneys don’t always get the same love. But kidneys keep your body healthy by regulating fluid, activating vitamin D for healthy bones, filtering waste from the blood, and regulating blood pressure. Kidney disease can cause cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, anemia, and other major health conditions. That’s why we want to shine a spotlight on nephrology nurses this month. Let’s look at a day in the life of this specialist RN.


Caregiving isn’t just about providing medical care. RNs who work in nephrology will also be there to support their patients, along with families, and walk with them every step of the way. Kidney disease doesn’t just affect physical health; living with it can also create conditions for emotional and mental health concerns, and an RN is there to be a rock and a supportive shoulder.


Nephrology RNs are also advocating for their patients. Whether to the patient themselves, the family, or the doctors providing care, an RN has firsthand experience with the patients and can provide additional insight and suggestions. Advocacy can also reach beyond individual patients. RNs will often take up roles in the community to advocate at all levels for their patients.


RNs also become educators. Becoming an RN involves a significant commitment to higher education and specialization, even more. RNs understand nephrology and can communicate that to patients, family, and the community. RNs will also take on an educator role within their positions to ensure everyone on the care team is on the same page.


RNs are also the organizers and facilitators of kidney care. They are the ones that handle each process day-to-day. RNs need to remain diligent, organized, and communicative so their patients have access to the best possible care. RNs will also be liaisons between multiple parties so it’s critical their facilitation skills are on point.


Nephrology RNs are also mentors. They work with other nurses and medical professionals and can take on the role of advisor or teacher to encourage others to pursue careers in kidney care. Mentorships are an important part of career growth for many people in the nursing industry.

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