Unconscious bias is the concept that we tend to make decisions based on biases even when we don’t realize those biases are affecting our thought process. Unconscious bias impacts hiring for many industries, including healthcare. The important part is understanding how and why these ideas impact hiring decisions and making a clear plan to move past these biases when hiring new employees. Unconscious bias can negatively affect candidate quality and the formation of an effective team, so let’s take a closer look at how strategies to avoid unconscious bias in your hiring process.

Diversify Your Candidate Sourcing Process

Whenever you draw from the same well, you get the same results. This means there may not be a lot of diversity in the candidate pool to start with. By diversifying your recruiting sources, you can increase the diversity of people who apply for your open healthcare positions. Consider your current sources. Do you get most of your hires through referrals? Online job boards? Word of mouth? Social media? Don’t be afraid to add new ideas into the mix to attract different people.

Create a Structured Interview Process

An unstructured interview may be the biggest influence on unconscious bias. Interviewers tend to be decided in the first minutes of the interview, based entirely on aspects that may be irrelevant to the candidate’s ability to perform the job. Instead, create an interview process where you ask each candidate the same questions so you can compare apples to apples when making a decision. Use a checklist to help you stay consistent.

Focus on “Culture Add”

“Culture fit” has become a major buzzword in HR and hiring for all industries. The idea is that a new candidate needs to fit in with the existing culture of the staff. However, this can rule out good candidates if they don’t seem to fit the expectation of what fits in your current culture. Instead, focus on “culture add.” This means you look at the individual skills and personality traits to see what aspects might be missing in your department. What can they bring to the table that will add to the team and patients’ overall experience?

Set Clear Hiring Goals

Creating hiring goals isn’t something you need to do just when a position becomes available. This strategy should inform your entire hiring program so you are always approaching it with the mindset of meeting your goals rather than avoiding crises. Diversity goals should be included in your annual hiring strategy so you can look at open positions and have a clear understanding of the needs of your entire department or facility. What are you missing that can expand your workplace culture? How can you diversify hiring?

Do you want to improve your hiring process?

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