Our series “Meet Your Recruiter” allows employees and applicants to understand what life is like behind the scenes at Fortus Healthcare Resources. This insight gives you a human perspective of the people who make our assignments happen.

Mackenzie Morgan-Harrington has been a recruiting specialist with Fortus Healthcare Resources for 5 years and recently moved from Central New York to the sunny city of St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband. She received a degree in psychology from Marist College. When not working, she loves going to concerts, eating amazing food, hanging out at the ocean, exploring the outdoors, and traveling.


We asked Mackenzie a few questions about her work and the advice she has for travel nurses. We hope her perspective gives some insight into who she is as a recruiter and what things Fortus looks for when hiring and working with travel nurses all over the country.


What Helps a Nurse Stand Out?

Having the “Traveler Mentality.” Someone who wants to explore the country, help facilities in need, and truly loves what they do.

Fortus Healthcare Resources encourages nursing professionals who want to try new things to apply for open travel nurse positions.

What Does a Day in Your Life at Fortus Look Like?

I connect with my current travelers regarding their assignments and discuss their next moves as well as attracting new talent to the company.

Recruiters at Fortus Healthcare Resources support the process for every applicant and employee from start to finish.

What’s Your Best Tip for a Nurse Once They Go on Assignment?

Be as helpful and flexible as possible and remember that you are there to help fill a crucial role that is missing in their organization.

Every assignment is different, so having a flexible mindset will be crucial for success as a travel nurse regardless of the job specifics.

What Traits Do the best Nurses You Have Worked with Share?

Great communication skills with both myself and the facility, a strong work ethic, a flexible attitude, and positive mindset, and an open mind to new adventures and locations.

Travel nursing is a great way to learn and improve skills and live in new places all around the country.

If You Were a Travel Nurse, What City Would You Want to Work In?

Napa, California!

Do you want to work with Mackenzie and our team of recruiters?


Our recruiters are staffing for RN jobs in Decatur TX and all over the county, so join the team at Fortus Healthcare Resources for your next travel nursing assignment.

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