Is your facility ready to hire oncology nurses? When you’re looking to bring on someone who specializes in anything, there are a few things you want to consider ahead of time. The entire team of oncology experts works together to provide patients with the best care possible. Cancer treatment is always difficult, both for the patient and their family. Here’s the most optimal experience an oncology candidate should have when you’re advertising for your open position or reading resumes.

Registered Nurses

In the vast majority of cases, you will be hiring RNs for open nursing positions in oncology. They need to bring their education and skill to the table before they can even think about specializing in cancer care. They will understand patient care, collaborate with doctors and other medical professionals, and recognize symptoms.

Continuing Education in Cancer Care

After obtaining their associate’s degree, many RNs will move on to get a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (or BSN). They will also take continuing education, specifically in cancer care. You may also want to hire individuals who have a proven track record working in oncology for several years. A nurse may also have experience working in clinical trials.

OCN Exam

One phrase you might want to look for specifically on a resume is OCN or Oncology Certified Nurse. This means your candidate has prepared for and taken the exam with the specific goal of working in oncology environments. With an OCN certification, you know they are knowledgeable about the required care in oncology.

Nurse Practitioner

You may also consider an oncology nurse practitioner or NP. They will work closely with doctors and surgeons for cancer treatment. They will also communicate with families and cancer patients and assist with their care. An oncology NP is very patient-focused and a good staff member to have on hand when considering patient care.

Before you hire an oncology nurse, you want to ensure they have met all the certification requirements and have the experience to back up their credentials.

Are You Hiring for your Oncology Department?

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