Travel nursing is a great career opportunity for many people. It gives them the chance to use their skills and travel to new places across the country. Travel nurse positions often pay more than their local counterparts, plus the addition of paid living expenses. But if travel nursing is calling you, how can you maximize your pay? Here are some tricks to make the most out of your travel nurse salary and expenses.

Find Your Housing

Sure, your recruiter can help you find housing, but you can also accept the allowance for housing and find your own in most cases. This provides you with an opportunity to save a little money as you can set your budget. This is an especially good option for people who already have experience traveling and renting spaces during assignments.

Be Flexible

It’s surprising how being flexible can impact your earning potential in the long run. Maybe you accept assignments that are generally considered difficult to place. You may be paid a premium for that. Maybe you accept assignments on short notice. That can also pay off for your career. The more flexible you are, the more your recruiter will consider you a go-to resource.

Choose the Right Agency

The employer establishes pay rates, but if you work with the right staffing agency, you can tap into their network of higher-paying clients. It’s okay to talk to multiple agencies and determine who is a better fit for your travel nursing career. Then you can see how their positions pay and how that fits in with your future goals.

Organize and Track Your Finances

It’s also a great idea to create a system to track your finances. Some people use simple spreadsheets where they enter all of their expenses and income. Other people like to use tools or apps such as You Need a Budget. You can categorize your various spending types and allocate money from your pay into each category to keep track of spending.

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