If there’s just one thing that 2021 needs to set it apart from 2020, it’s positivity. While we are all dealing with the stress of the previous year and looking forward to a future without that level of anxiety, a simple way to improve attitudes and productivity is by promoting a positive workplace. Here are some tips for increasing positive attitudes among your employees.

Clear Communication

Even if it’s simply perceived, the lack of communication is the root of a lot of dissatisfaction. To encourage your team to be more positive, you need to define the expectations clearly and regularly. Offering transparency about business decisions and goals will help your team positively approach their work.

Ask for Input

Communication should always go both ways. Your employees need to feel comfortable expressing their concerns with you. And if you allow them to express these concerns, you can work on solutions to improve systems and processes. Once productivity increases because employees have input, it increases positivity as well.

Recognize Hard Work

Gratitude is contagious. When you thank someone for their work, they will approach their day with more confidence and a positive attitude. This doesn’t just extend to work that goes above and beyond expectations. It’s also about thanking your team for doing their work every day.

Demonstrate Trust

Employees who feel trusted are far more productive than those who believe they are being micromanaged. If you hire the right people to be in the right roles, you can trust them to do their jobs without a lot of supervision from you. Trust makes your employees feel empowered to get the job done.

Have Fun

Of course, all work and no play can lead to a very negative workplace environment. There is nothing wrong with injecting a little fun into the experience. This can take on many forms, such as hosting a luncheon or creating fun contests for participation.

Lead by Example

If you want your team to be positive and productive, you have to show them what that looks like. If you have a negative attitude, your team will respond in kind. Instead, lead by example. Show them what a positive workplace looks like to encourage more positive and productive behavior.

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