We are all so happy to see 2020 behind us. But just because we’ve flipped the calendar to a new year doesn’t mean the challenges with the pandemic and economic concerns will disappear. If you’re looking for your next healthcare job, it’s a good idea to assess your current skills and determine what you need to improve your chances of landing a new job and enhancing your career. Here are the skills you can focus on to take your healthcare career to the next level.

Strong Work Ethic

There has long been some confusion about what a strong work ethic means. Some people have taken it to mean that they need to give 110% at all times. Others believe it means being at work no matter what, even if the face of an emergency or illness. But what it really means is working hard with integrity and honesty every day. Demonstrating this to an employer can be done by showing how integral you were to the success of previous employers.

Excellent Communication

No matter what role you have, communication is king. You will need to communicate with other people at all levels in your organization. You may also need to communicate with patients and families. You need to establish that you have good communication skills from the start, including on your resume and cover letter. But also be sure that your verbal and face-to-face communication game is on point.

Positive Attitude

The world can be a very negative place. And anyone can have a bad day. But employers want to hire people who, by and large, have positive attitudes. You can show this quickly by being positive, avoiding negative comments about past employers or coworkers, and being genuinely engaged in the conversation. You can express concerns, but don’t make the negative the focus of your conversations.


The world of healthcare has been evolving and that means it’s critical to embrace technology. As nursing and other healthcare staff begin to retire, organizations want to hire people who will be able to hit the ground running in terms of technology. And it’s not enough just to learn specific tools. Learn the basics of how to understand technology so you can figure out almost anything.

Problem Solving

Finally, you want to showcase that you can solve problems. Many people believe that you’re only as good as the last problem you solved. You can show this in an interview by describing difficult situations and how you resolved them. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are invaluable to employers, so make sure they know you’ll be solutions-oriented.

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