Are you looking for a qualified RN to add to your team? It may seem like all RNs will bring the same things to the table, but that’s never true. Everyone is different, and you will need to check off the right boxes with your new hire. So what things should you be looking for on your next RN candidate resume? Before you start the hiring process, consider these must-haves.


RNs work with several different people at various levels. That’s why you want to see how they’ve demonstrated teamwork in the past. You don’t want them to just tell you that they work well in a team, look for examples of that in their previous experience. See how their dedication to teamwork helped their previous employer and throughout their career.


Similarly, RNs are leaders of their departments. And you should see leadership skills such as delegation. You should also see examples of how they’ve inspired others to do their best work. Leadership isn’t just a skill that people entering into management positions should have, it’s a life skill that anyone should cultivate to help them advance and succeed.


You also want to see someone who has good communication skills. This is where you can read between the lines of a resume or a cover letter. How do they write? It is free of mistakes? Does it tell a story or just the facts? This will tell you a lot before you ever pick up the phone to hear their voice. You want someone who understands that writing is just as integral to communication and face-to-face conversations.

Time Management

RNs, like many healthcare professionals, are often pulled in multiple directions. To ensure that needs are being met and nothing falls through the cracks, they need to be rock stars at time management. That doesn’t necessarily mean multi-tasking, as that concept may have run its course. It’s been demonstrated that the human brain isn’t designed to multitask. Good time management skills are all about prioritization.

Critical Thinking

Finally, you want to hire an RN who is a problem solver. That means someone who can think critically, even when in crisis mode, to determine the best possible solution with the best possible outcome. Critical thinking should be done with empathy and the best interest of the patients in mind at all times. And it’s important to know when the most popular answer isn’t the right one.

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