Travel nursing offers a wide variety of potential job opportunities. You can travel anywhere and take on specializations that can advance your career well into the future. But have you considered work at an ambulatory or outpatient surgery center? There are several benefits to working in that kind of environment and always a need for nurses. As you begin your research into the options, here are some things to consider.

Regular Hours

You know full well that in most hospital environments, the hours can fluctuate. But most surgery centers work within standard business hours. When you’re working as a nurse in an ambulatory center, the 8-hour shifts can give you a more regular work schedule like people in office or other professional environments experience. This normal schedule may work better for you if want a more traditional day-time shift and lifestyle.

No Weekends

Most surgical centers are not open on weekends. So working in ambulatory surgery centers gives you a true sense of normalcy with a traditional schedule as well as a 5-day workweek. This generally means no nights, Saturdays, or Sundays. Working weekends can heavily impact your home life, especially if you have a partner or children, so this can be a real benefit for this stage of your career.

Experience with Pre-Op

A surgery center offers nurses the chance to work with patients through a complete cycle. They want employees who have a background in pre-op to help make the patient experience as smooth as possible. They want to be made comfortable, know what to expect, and be able to talk to the same nurse or team throughout the process. Busy hospitals with nurses on different shifts aren’t able to provide that experience.


Similarly, an ambulatory surgery center means that you will be with the patient from start to finish, including post-anesthesia. The comfort of having the same teamwork with them before and after their procedure will help patients acclimate as they recover and are sent home. These surgical centers want companionate caregivers to help the patient and the family member accompanying them. A positive experience will help them in the recovery process.

Operations and Procedures

Another benefit of working in an ambulatory surgery center is that you have the opportunity to gain experience as an operation room circulator. “Medical choreographer” is a term often used to describe this role. An OR Circulator works with anesthesiology and surgery to make sure every step is properly coordinated and quality care is provided.

Is a Travel Nurse job in an Outpatient Center Right for You?

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