While employee appreciation is always important, it may be even more important this year than ever before. Healthcare workers are on the frontlines of a major national crisis, and they should be recognized for their contributions. But in a year that also sees economic hardships for all kinds of businesses, including Healthcare, you may also be looking for more cost-effective ways to say thanks. Here are a few ideas you can use this year to show your team you appreciate them.

Gift Cards for Meal Delivery

There are several options for meal delivery. Today, several companies deliver meal kits that include the ingredients and recipes for several meals, making them easy to make at home. They’re only slightly more expensive than buying the components at a grocery store, but you only get the amounts you need so there’s no waste. You can also provide gift cards for local restaurants that offer takeout or delivery so your team can treat themselves to a meal they don’t have to cook themselves.

Handwritten Thank You Notes

This will cost mere pennies and only a few minutes of your time. But a handwritten thank you note can go a long way to show appreciation. When you mail it to their home, they have a pleasant surprise after a long day at work. Your team is important, so make sure they know that in ways beyond just thanking them in person.

Public Recognition for Good Work

Of course, public recognition will go a long way as well. When a staff member goes above and beyond, make sure they get credit for their hard work. Recognize them at team meetings, via email, or at an annual employee event. This is just about providing kudos for work well done and allowing them to get recognition from their peers.

Decorate the Department

Sometimes, it’s the little things that help keep people going. Decorating for holidays, especially in the winter when it can be cold or get dark out earlier, will help keep spirits up. Allow your department or team to get together and decorate their shared space. Or put up decorations when you can as a surprise for the next shift.

Secret Santa Exchange

You can get everyone into the spirit of celebration by facilitating a Secret Santa gift exchange. This will cost you very little money, and it doesn’t have to cost your team much if you put a cap on the amount they should spend. Secret Santa events can be fun to get people to learn more about each other and still show appreciation in the office.

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