Thanksgiving 2020 isn’t going to be typical. However, even if you’re working as a travel nurse, you can make the holiday more memorable. Before you resign yourself to abandoning Thanksgiving or spending it alone, consider a few ways you can create an experience on the road that will work for you as well as your loved ones. Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your holiday.

Plan Ahead

There is nothing that can’t be done without a little planning. When you’re a travel nurse, much of your career path is all about planning, so why not use those skills to make sure you have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday even if you’re on the road. If you can safely host friends or family, create a checklist to include shopping and the schedule for cooking.

Go Virtual

For various reasons, the safest way to interact with others right now is through virtual space. And why not take advantage of the technology. Even if you need to have a quiet Thanksgiving at home alone or just with your immediate family, don’t miss out on some socializing with a Zoom meeting. You can get together before or after dinner to watch the Football game together or play games online. The whiteboard feature on Zoom is great for a game of Pictionary.

Count Your Blessings

Whatever your Thanksgiving will look like this year, don’t forget the true spirit of the season. The day is all about gratitude, and it’s a good time to reflect on all the good things that have happened. While 2020 might look a little different, and there may be more downs than ups, you can always find something positive to consider and hold close to your heart.

Support a Local Business

If you need to make things easier because of your work schedule, look into local restaurants offering pre-ordered take-home Thanksgiving meals. Part of the joy of travel nursing is getting to live in a new town. Even though Stay-At-Home orders may have changed the dynamic of your experience, you can still support local businesses by patronizing them for takeout meals.

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