In January of 2019, we put together a video of tips from a recruiter that quickly became a popular resource on our site. In that video, we discussed ideas like being on time, dressing professionally, and how to provide examples of your experience. We also encouraged job seekers to avoid speaking poorly about former employers. And we suggested that the end of the interview should include a chance to ask for the job. But what other tips can help you be successful? Here are additional powerful tips from a recruiter.

Show Your Personality

You might think that you want to make it all business, but that isn’t necessarily the best strategy. We don’t mean to go over the deep end and make the interview unprofessional, but it’s okay to show a bit of your personality. Employers are hiring people they will be spending a lot of time with, so they need to like you as well as know you are capable of doing the job.

Find a Connection

Before your interview, or when you’re talking to the interviewer, find a common interest or connection that can help you bond with them. For example, maybe you are a fan of the same sports team, or perhaps you’re an expert at something they also love to do on the job. When you find a connection, you can develop a deeper conversation to give them a positive impression.

Be Friendly and Positive

Speaking of being positive, make sure you bring that to the table as well. No one wants to hire someone who is only focused on the negative. For example, even if you left your last job because you hated your manager or coworkers, don’t dwell on that conversation. Be friendly but not overly familiar, and stay positive in your communication. It’ll go a long way.

Focus on Body Language

Did you know that your body language sends signals to the other person when you’re not even conscious of it? When interviewing, pay special attention to your body language. Try not to fidget. Sit comfortably but don’t lounge or take up too much space. Another good tip is to mirror the other person’s body language, such as leaning in when they do.

Do your Research

Before you interview, one of the most important things you can do is research the company. Start by looking at their website. Then branch out to LinkedIn. You can Google the company, too, to learn any additional information from things like social media, the news, or customer reviews. This way, you don’t have to ask questions like, “What does your company do?” and you can focus on more detailed questions about the job.

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