Are you considering a healthcare job on the night shift? There are many benefits, but the complete change of schedule can be a lot to handle. You can make the transition easier. Using tried and true ideas that have worked for decades, you can have a smoother experience. That way, you can have all the benefits of working alternative hours, up to and including higher pay and a better commute. Here are a few survival tips to get you started.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is the most important thing you can do to have a productive night shift. But, you do have to change the way your brain is wired so you can sleep during the day. Some easy tips include making your room as dark as possible. Keep it cool, too, since it’s hard to sleep when you feel hot. And make sure no one disturbs you while you’re sleeping.

Lay Off the Caffeine

Coffee isn’t all bad, but only if you limit its consumption. Downing cups of coffee throughout the night isn’t healthy for your mind or your body. So enjoy a coffee to start with, but find alternative treats that won’t make you feel wired for the rest of your shift. Avoid sugary, caffeinated energy drinks, too. They give you a boost of energy, but the crash is hard.

Healthy Food Choices

There are enough nutrients in healthy food to give you the energy you need throughout the night. Eat healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables instead of sugary or salty snacks. Your body needs these as fuel to function well. Keep healthy snacks on hand so you’re not tempted by the vending machine when you get hungry.

Stay Connected

You are not doing this alone. There are other people on the night shift who are also experiencing the same ups and downs. Just like you, they are adjusting one night at a time. Connect with them to share ideas and support each other. To help you all learn healthy habits, take breaks in small groups to get physically active, or eat a healthy meal.

Get Active

Staying active is another important aspect of surviving a night shift. When you exercise, you’re releasing good hormones that keep you happy and healthy. This will give you the right tools you need to stay productive overnight. It may feel like you don’t have enough time, but giving yourself just 15 minutes after you wake up or take short exercise breaks throughout the night can positively impact.

Find The Right Night Shift Position

The team at Fortus Healthcare Resources can help you find the right night shift position that meets your unique skill set. Apply online or call our team to discuss your goals.

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