August 23, 2020, is Health Unit Coordinators Day. On this day, we want to honor the HUCs in your practice who help make the teamwork happen. Why is it important for you to show them that they matter to your productivity and success? And if you’re in the market to hire a HUC, what qualities should you look for? Here is a basic overview to get you started.

What is Health Unit Coordinators Day?

The observance is for hospitals, facilities, and other healthcare offices to recognize how important teamwork is to the medical industry. Health Unit Coordinators are vital to the synchronicity that makes it happen. They support the entire medical staff in every aspect of the day to day and month to month functions of a well-run facility. These procedural requirements are critical to the smooth operation of teams of medical providers.

How to Recognize your HUC for Their Hard Work

The history of Health Unit Coordinators began after World War II when hospitals were flooded with patients, and doctors and nurses found it impossible to coordinate care. They were once called Floor Clerks or Medical Secretaries, but the evolution of the medical industry, including the use of technology, has changed the job over the years. You can recognize your HUC thanking them, giving them a small gift of gratitude, and sharing your appreciation online through social media.

Top Traits of a Good HUC

When hiring a HUC, you want to ensure that your needs as a facility are being met. They are intended to coordinate teams, so their most important personality trait will be leadership skills. They also need to be knowledgeable in technology and medical terminology. Communication and customer service skills are also necessary for success. And the role does tend to be pulled in a variety of directions, so multitasking and time management skills are critical.

The Importance of Teamwork

Without a good HUC in your facility, you may find that your team isn’t as well-oiled as you need them to be. Teamwork is essential when it comes to caring for patients. For example, in units where patients are staying overnight, communication between daytime and nighttime staff is imperative. A HUC can ensure that this entire process is coordinated and carried out.

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