Burn out is a serious concern for people in the healthcare industry. We bet you can think of at least a dozen times in your career where you’ve thought about running away from it all. And sometimes, breathing exercises and yoga just don’t cut into the stress you’re feeling about your job. You may need to do more to avoid burnout for yourself and your practice. Here are several things you can do to avoid leading your practice staff into burnout.

Partner with a Recruiting Agency

The number one way to improve feelings of burnout in your department or clinic is to ensure that you have enough talent on staff that no one feels additional pressure. Working with an agency to ensure that you’re always fully staffed can improve stress levels all around.

Make Improvements to Workflow Design

Sometimes burnout is exacerbated by the feeling that everything is inefficient. It might be time to review the workflow design and determine if any improvements can make the entire process easier. Workflow design can start very simply to get the ball rolling.

Embrace Technology to Enhance the Workplace

In today’s ever-changing world, more industries are relying on technology to help enhance the workplace. This is essential in healthcare as compliance is a major issue. The only way to move forward is to embrace technology in medical environments.

Provide Resilience Training

The truth is, healthcare jobs are stressful. And it’s okay to acknowledge that. It’s not okay to tell people to get over it. That kind of mindset is what causes people to internalize unhealthy feelings and that buildup causes burnout. Resilience training is something you can provide to your team.

Host Social Events

Sometimes your employees need to let the stress of the office go and socialize. Offering an outlet for your team to enjoy one another’s company outside of the workplace allows them to view each other as complete people and gives them a chance to bond as a team, which can release the stress.

Invest in the Future of Your Team

You also want to make sure your employees don’t feel like their spinning their wheels. They may feel frustrated that there is no room for growth in their careers and will begin to look elsewhere for more satisfying opportunities. Providing continued training for them to increase their skills will help them see that you’re invested in their future.

Hire More Staff And Reduce Nurse Burnout

Contact the team at Fortus Healthcare Resources now and let us help you find energized RN’s and LPN’s for your practice.

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