Listening to podcasts is a great way to use your passive time to learn something new. They’re perfect for commuting or leisure time like going for a walk or cooking dinner. What are some great podcasts for nurses? If you need something different to listen to on your way to your next new assignment, these podcasts will keep you entertained and in-the-know about the latest in the healthcare industry.

The Happy Traveler

Nurse Kelley is the perfect host, and the podcast discusses the most pressing issues travel nurses have in their careers. Along with her guests, Nurse Kelley discusses all aspects of travel nursing from the experience of traveling to the different specializations travel nurses might choose for their careers.

The Nurse Keith Show

Few podcasts get word of mouth recommendations that the Nurse Keith show receives. This has been around a long time and his show brings all the latest insights from the field of nursing, even during the pandemic. Now he works professionally as a board-certified nurse coach and offers his podcast to anyone interested in learning more about the profession.

The Daily Nurse

For up to date, daily information about the field of nursing, the Daily Nurse is worth your time. Their podcast network includes multiple useful podcasts, including Nursing Diversity, The Minority Nurse, and the Professional Nurse. It’s always good to have a go-to podcasting network for the latest information available online.

Good Nurse Bad Nurse

One of the most recommended podcasts today for members of the medical industry is Good Nurse Bad Nurse. This podcast describes itself as one part light-hearted fun and one part deep and thought-provoking. The host, a registered nurse, loves to tap into pop culture and true crime to give her listeners something exciting to grasp on to.

Nursing Uncensored

The best nursing podcasts in our opinion are those that make listeners feel welcome, give us something to enjoy, and educate us. Nursing Uncensored is exactly that show. We all know we have to laugh sometimes. But the show does take itself very seriously as it discusses some of the most important topics in nursing today.

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