As a hiring manager, your responsibility is to hire the best-qualified healthcare candidate for any open position. And when you receive dozens, sometimes hundreds, of applications for open jobs, how do you begin to narrow down the field? The problem is, many hiring managers will rule out great candidates for the wrong reasons. This can include anything from being nervous in an interview to circumstances beyond their control. Do you have a responsibility to prep candidates so they can put their best foot forward? Here are some tips to get you started.

Prepare for the Interview

Hiring managers expect candidates to come to the interview prepared. You want them to do their homework and know about the company before they arrive for their meeting. You should offer them the same courtesy. Prepare ahead of their interview by reading their resume thoroughly and even checking out their LinkedIn profile. If you’re both prepared, the interview will start on the right foot.

Avoid Yes or No Questions

We have a habit, as humans, to want to get to the point. We think the most direct method of getting a straight answer is with black and white questions with little room for ambiguity. But a yes or no question doesn’t give you enough information on which to base your hiring decision. Instead, ask open-ended questions that assess their thought process.

Encourage Stories

To this end, encourage your candidates to tell you their story. Storytelling is a staple of human communication and it’s been used for millennia. You want them to weave a narrative about their experience to showcase how they did something and why. You can employ this tactic as well when discussing the company with them.

Give Them A Clear Picture of the Role

You also don’t want them to leave the interview still uncertain about the specific position. You may be thinking that a healthcare job is a healthcare job, but there is always so much more you can communicate. What is the culture of your department like? What does a typical day look like? Be sure to allow them to ask you questions for clarification.

Are you ready to interview?

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