You know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to providing quality patient care. However, there are some things you can do to make your experience and the experience of your patients, a little easier. There are a few nursing hacks that other professionals have developed over their long and successful careers that could give you an extra push. Here are some nursing hacks that can make your life easier.


Use Breathing Techniques to Coach a Patient with a Needle Phobia

Fear of needles is common, but that doesn’t help patients who need blood drawn, injections, or IVs from feeling terrified at the moment. As a nurse, part of your job is to provide comfort, and that includes walking them through the needle experience. When patients have a negative experience with needles, it can impact their overall quality of care. When you need to perform these functions, talk your patient through it with deep breathing exercises.


Put Alcohol on Matted Hair to Make it More Manageable.

There are various occasions where you may have to deal with matted hair in a healthcare environment. One trick nurses have learned over the years is that isopropyl alcohol can help get tangles out of hair. Sprinkle the rubbing alcohol on the hair, which will loosen knots and dissolve any substance. Then gently comb through the hair. This helps prevent painful tugging on the scalp.


Give Family Members a Job to Do to Keep Them Engaged

Nurses also frequently have to deal with family members who feel helpless and want to be involved or even micromanage the care of their loved ones. It’s understandable with all of the uncertainty going on around medical emergencies and care. As you communicate with the patient and their family, give loved ones easy tasks to do to help them stay engaged such as calling other family members, reading to the patient, or fetching food or drinks.


Ask if There’s Anything Else You Can Do Before Leaving a Patient’s Room

When you’re working with a patient, you’re already scrubbed and wearing your PPE. This is the perfect time to ask before you leave if there is anything else that the patient needs. It could be another medical question or simply getting them something they need.


Offer Heated Blankets to Keep Patients Calm

When patients are panicking, it can be hard to talk them down. One tried, and true method is using a heated blanket. Not only will it give them a sense of warmth to cocoon them, but the weight of the blanket on their body may also help them calm down.


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