If you staff for healthcare roles, you have felt the impact of the healthcare talent shortage. But is there an untapped resource for these opportunities. Have you considered how you’re targeting the millennial generation? Millennials, the oldest of which are now turning forty, are a huge cohort within the working population, and they can take on the roles previously held by Baby Boomers, who now account for the largest group on individuals needing additional healthcare. Here are a few ways you can pitch healthcare jobs to millennials.

Focus on Workplace Culture

The oldest of the millennials are starting to hit the age of 40, so they can no longer be considered the young, upstart generation. That designation is now reserved for GenZ. But that doesn’t mean millennials have given up on the ideals they long for in the workplace. Specifically, they want a healthcare environment that pays particular consideration to developing an enjoyable, diverse, and engaging workplace culture.

Offer Great Benefits

Millennial employees are also looking for great benefits beyond the typical health insurance. While understanding that healthcare can be a very high-demand job, some aspects could be made more flexible with some consideration. Benefits like flex time, options to work remotely, and a better work/life balance will be critical.

Provide Motivation, Engagement, and Satisfaction

To that end, millennial workers have a deeply rooted need to feel appreciated for the work they’re doing. Some have been critical of millennials because of the perception that they were raised with an “everyone wins for participation” mentality. But, in truth, this kind of collaborative upbringing, versus competitive, has given this generation a new and positive perspective on motivation, engagement, and satisfaction.

Place an Emphasis on Career Development

Above all, millennials in healthcare want to know they have access to continued education and the tools they need to advance their careers. Millennials, no matter where they fall on the professional spectrum, don’t feel they need to stay stuck in one aspect of their career. They want to learn new things, so employers do well by offering cross-training and opportunities for promotions.

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