You know that when you hire, you want to focus on a diverse and talented staff of healthcare employees. But are your personal biases getting in the way without you even realizing it? The truth is, we all have biases to one degree or another, so it’s essential to learn how to be aware of it and use the right steps to hire a more diverse workforce. Here are some tips to get you started.

Why Diversity Matters

Diversity programs for your clinic, hospital, or facility aren’t just about meeting a requirement. Diversity benefits everyone if handled in a smart and healthy way. It provides job opportunities for individuals who may not have been considered but are just as skilled and talented as their professional counterparts. It also creates a collaborative workplace where people with different viewpoints can shed light on a variety of topics. Having a diverse group of nurses also benefits your patients as they feel comfortable being represented within your workforce.

Messaging in Your Jobs

To attract qualified, diverse applicants, make sure you’re creating inclusive job descriptions. Use language that will appeal to a broad audience without creating the feeling that anyone with the right skills wouldn’t be considered for the opportunity. Not only is this the case with racial and ethnic groups, but try not to use gendered language. The use of “she” and “her” for healthcare jobs such as nursing can happen even when you don’t realize you’re doing it.

Use Diverse Sources

You also want to advertise your jobs in areas where it will have more reach. Social media is a good start, as are online job boards, but look at communities within your area. Are there resources just for people of color in your community? Advertise in those places along with what you’re currently doing. Reach out to the colleges and schools that can connect you to people about to complete their education.

Create an Inclusive Workplace

If you’re hiring diverse healthcare workers, that’s a great first step. But you also have to ensure that your workplace is welcoming and inclusive. This means ensuring that there is no harassment or bullying from other employees or management. Keep specific concerns from underrepresented populations in mind when you’re creating employee policies, including what to do when a patient becomes problematic.

Recognize Your Own Bias

Throughout this entire process, you must recognize your own bias. No matter how hard we try, we have to know that we make decisions based on our environment all the time. No one is asking you to be perfect, but take responsibility and pledge to do better if you do make a mistake when interacting with people who have a different experience than your own.

Are you planning a diverse hiring initiative?

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