Have you been passed up for a promotion you really wanted? Or, did you experience a layoff or were fired from your last job? It can feel impossible to overcome these situations in your career, but you have to figure out how to move on, or you’ll never move up. Here’s how to keep your cool during these employment setbacks and, more importantly, how to recover.

Reassess Your Goals

Maybe you’re not even on the right track. When was the last time you assessed your career goals? If you feel like you’re not advancing in your career, it could be because your skills and goals no longer line up. Now is a great time to take an inventory of your skills and make a list of the things you want to do. Then compare these lists to see where they overlap.

Maintain Your Confidence

It’s easy to feel low when you’re not getting what you want out of your job or your job search. But now is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. It’s essential to maintain the confidence to move to the next stage of your career. You can perform confidence-building exercises every day like repeating a mantra or striking a power pose.

Control Your Reaction

You can’t control the actions of others, but you can control how you react to it. If you feel like you’re getting the short end of the stick on the job or being overlooked, take a step back and think about how you should react before reacting. Keep calm, control your thoughts, and prepare your next steps to communicate.

Move On

Of course, if you’re not getting what you need out of your current job, it may be time to look for something new. Beginning a job search can be easy if you use the right resources, even when you’re currently working. We recommend you contact a staffing agency and talk with a recruiter about your interests, skills, and career goals.

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