Employee retention is more critical than ever. With a talent shortage, especially in healthcare, employers have to look deep at their processes to make sure they’re not losing people over easy to solve problems. You can avoid staffing shortages by addressing these top reasons employees leave your organization.

Lack of Engagement

When your employees stop feeling excited about what they’re doing, they’ll lose interest, and this will become apparent for your patients or customers. It’s your job to ensure that your team remains engaged with the work at hand. Empower them, encourage them, and show them gratitude. Try to find out the things that would make them happier on the job.

Poor Management

You’ve probably heard that people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses. It’s true, one of the biggest reasons people leave jobs is because they have issues with management. However, individual problems are varied. Maybe they don’t feel trusted, their boss micromanages, or their boss uses abusive language. This is too important to overlook and could cost you top talent.

Lack of Growth

Good employees may also feel that they have nowhere else to go in your organization. They feel as if they have no choice but to find new employment if they want to advance their careers. If people are leaving for this reason, you may need to consider the pathways by which someone can reach the next level of their career within your organization.

No Regular Feedback

Employees who don’t get feedback don’t know where they stand on the job. It’s essential to give feedback promptly so problems can be corrected and not fester. However, it’s also vital to provide positive feedback. Employees want to feel appreciated, so make sure you let them know you value their contribution.

Inability to be Flexible

While you may want your team to leave their personal life at home, there are aspects of our lives that often intertwine and overlap. If you’re unable to be flexible when your employee needs it most, they will begin to look for a new place of employment that provides that ability. You don’t have to be taken advantage of, but you can provide better access to what your employees need.

No Work/Life Balance

Finally, if an employee feels like all of their time and energy is spent at work, and their family or personal lives are being neglected, they may look for something with a better balance. There are many ways you can provide a better work/life balance in your organization, including hiring more people, so your staff isn’t overworked. Consider the options to make employees more engaged.

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